How it all started

Bobby Buddies came to life after a conversation with knitting friends on Ravelry.

Whilst Trauma Teddies (as they have been known) have been made before, Health and Safety concerns prevented many Emergency Services from using these toys.

After a lot of emails and conversations with relevant departments I got the go ahead for Bobby Buddies.

I wanted to steer away from the standard bear and have lots of different knitting, crocheted and sewn toys in lots of beautiful colour and designs.

I opened a facebook group and in a matter of days had hundreds of willing volunteers ready to make wonderful toys for Children who our Emergency services come into contact with in distressing and traumatic situations.

My hope is, we give a small comfort to those children with or colourful toys.

All toys are Health and Safety tested, to ensure they are suitable.

In the future, I would like to see Bobby Buddies helping families, as well as children, who need our help.

Bobby Buddies in a non-Profit organisation.





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