Q: Can I take my complete Bobby Buddy direct to my local station?

A: No – the stations are often unmanned and not set up to accept Bobby Buddies direct, plus all Buddies have to be safety checked by one of our community volunteers.

Q: Are there any safety guidelines I need to follow?

A: Yes. No buttons/safety eyes etc – all parts need to be knitted or sewn and nothing detachable. Ribbons etc MUST be sewn in place securely.

Q: Is there a specific pattern I have to follow?

A: No – just make sure that you follow the safety guidelines and make sure that you are making a small (adult hand-size) toy as the Buddies need to be easily stored and transported in a police vehicle.

Q: Can I upload a pattern I have bought to the facebook page?

A: Generally, no. Patterns are subject to copyright so only upload a pattern if you own the copyright to it.

Q: Where do I find patterns?

A: There are some links to free patterns here.

Q: I can’t knit or crochet but I can sew – can I sew a Bobby Buddy?

A: Yes, please follow the safety guidelines though – no buttons or safety eyes – sewn features only please.

Q: How do I become a drop-off point/community volunteer?

A: Visit our facebook page to see where we need more volunteers. If you simply want to start making Buddies then find your nearest drop off point and get making!

Q: What does an Area Co-ordinator do?

A: As an area coordinator you collect completed Buddies from your Parish Leaders once a month, and deliver to your local Police Station.  This is done at a convenient time for yourself and those in your team.

Q: What does a Parish Leader do?

A: As a Parish Leader you collect Buddies from your Parish drop off point or you can be a drop-off point.

Your Area Coordinator will collect from you at a convenient time.

Q: Where can I drop my Bobby Buddies off?

A: Check the map for your nearest drop-off point or volunteer. For Public Access buildings you should be able to just walk in – for private addresses you will need to join the facebook group to co-ordinate with the volunteers.